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Yes, that’s a fake NY Times headline.  However, Ronnie’s got his unique recycled surfboard sculpture (and his other facets of his art) mentioned in the New York Times.  Is this the sign of the “arrival” of Carvin Art on to the bigger stage?  Could be – well, at least it’s a start in that direction!! … Read more


This piece is for “SRH” owner Kevin Zinger made possible by 20 year vet. team rider Jack Murphy. This was actually jacks own board . He rode the life out of this board. Turned it over  to me, to carve a piece for”SRH”. Enjoy!    carvin rj


  One of the disciplines of my art is where I recycle surfboards and intricately carve the surfboard to my desired composition. Once carved, I then airbrush in the color and finish off with a coating.  I have an extensive array of this type of board sculpture art and love to display it to the … Read more


This image is of the 1st Place Mens Pro trophy I hand-carved and painted from a surfboard for the 2010 Fosters Belmar Pro. This year I have stepped up my involvement with the Belmar Pro and am very excited to be part of one of the premier professional surfing competitions in North America. ~  Ronnie


Surfing has always been a major part of my life and who I am. I do not feel complete without it. Below are a couple photos of me enjoying one of the great things in life that gets me out of bed in the morning. Enjoy! ….  And if you surf, hope you got some … Read more